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Custom Orthotics in Downtown Toronto

Woman walkingAs the foundation of your body, the feet bear the most weight. If unaligned, poor posture is imminent. Rennicks Chiropractic Centre offers custom orthotics to ensure that each chiropractic adjustment holds—ultimately allowing you to live comfortably and do more of what you love.

Why Custom Orthotics?

Your feet have three arches, and these arches are responsible for equally distributing weight to keep you upright and comfortable. When misaligned, your feet become a potential source of various discomforts. Custom orthotics are designed to attend to all three arches in the foot, helping your feet evenly distribute pressure and restoring overall alignment from the ground up.

Healthy feet make for a healthy body. While these shoe inserts can benefit all, they are particularly beneficial for those dealing with high or collapsed arches.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Our Approach

Our practice employs custom orthotics to stabilise the body following chiropractic adjustments. Throughout your time with us, we will monitor your progress through reassessments and determine whether they might benefit you. If we determine these inserts may be helpful to you, we will begin preparing your moulds.

What to Expect

Each custom orthotic is fitted to the individual. In no more than 10 minutes, we use a foam cast to mould the feet. We then send the moulds out and wait for the shoe inserts to be created. In no more than three weeks, they will be shipped to us, and our chiropractor will invite you back for a quick fitting.

Offering More Than Foot Pain Relief

Custom orthotics are not only for those experiencing pain or discomfort in their feet. They are also for those who are looking for a proactive solution to foot and postural health. Custom orthotics have been known to elevate foot and leg mobility, improve motion control, and reduce muscle fatigue.

Whether you seek to walk comfortably every morning or perform your best on the field—custom orthotics can help.

Get Started

Are you curious about custom orthotics? Contact us to learn more and determine if they are right for you.

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