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About Rennicks Chiropractic Centre

Adjusting patientRennicks Chiropractic Centre offers straightforward chiropractic care with a heart. Our mission is to help practice members live their lives to the fullest without unnecessary medical intervention.

As soon as you walk through our doors, you will be greeted with a smile and welcomed to our practice community.

A Continued Legacy of Healing

Our second-generation chiropractor, Dr. John Rennicks, proudly continues the legacy of his father’s practice. With over 34 years of dedicated service, our practice has been a pillar of the Downtown Toronto community since its establishment in 1957.

Since our beginning, we have continuously evolved to meet the needs of our growing city. Dr. Rennicks practises tonal chiropractic to restore wellness by removing nerve interference that might impede the body’s innate ability to heal and stay well. His commitment to ongoing education and honest, compassionate care is reflected in the warmth of our practice.

You can rest assured knowing that you are in highly capable hands with us.

More Than Relief

Most practice members are surprised to learn that chiropractic care does more than alleviate symptoms—it profoundly impacts overall health. While we strive to get practice members out of pain as quickly as possible, we focus on revitalising their health and promoting lasting well-being.

Dr. Rennicks and his chiropractic team are here to help you live a happier, healthier life.

A Memorable Practice Member Success Story

Throughout our history, we have had the honour of witnessing a series of classic successes. One of our most memorable stories involves a practice member who suffered from debilitating migraines that impacted their ability to work and enjoy daily activities. Through our approach to chiropractic care, they felt relief and regained control of their life.

Feel Your Best & Get Back to What You Love

Our clinic is home to practice members of all ages and walks of life. No matter your current condition or hopes for the future, we are here to help. Our personalised, friendly approach to chiropractic care ensures that your time with us is healing, inspiring, and memorable.
Join our practice today!

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