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Meet Marie-Louise Rennicks

Marie-Louise RennicksAs soon as you enter Rennicks Chiropractic Centre, you will receive a heartfelt welcome from our chiropractic assistant, Marie-Louise Rennicks. Her warm demeanour puts our practice members at ease, lending them comfort and reassurance from the moment they arrive.

A Swiss Touch

Oftentimes, practice members comment on Marie-Louise’s efficiency in managing appointments and corresponding paperwork. This praise is no surprise, as she hails from Switzerland, bringing with her the Swiss values of promptness and precision.

With Marie-Louise, you can be sure your scheduling needs will be swiftly and accurately handled with smiles all around.

Decades of Dedication

Marie-Louise has been an integral part of our practice for over two decades. Since working with us, she has provided unwavering support to her husband, Dr. Rennicks, and our practice members alike. Her wealth of experience ensures the smooth operation and memorable practice member experiences that make our practice a Downtown Toronto staple of natural wellness.

Journey to Chiropractic

When asked when her journey with our practice began, Marie-Louise will tell you that it all started when Dr. Rennicks interviewed her for the office manager position. When asked why she felt she was a good fit for the role, her candid response was, “Because I’m your wife.”

This simple yet profound beginning not only solidified Marie-Louise’s place as a member of our chiropractic team but, more importantly, helped shape the fun-loving dynamic of our practice.

Ensuring You Have a Positive Experience

With Marie-Louise at the forefront of practice member care, you can rest assured that you will receive professional assistance and genuine warmth and understanding throughout your time with us. Her dedication to ensuring comfort and satisfaction reflects the core values of our practice.

Be sure to say hello to Marie-Louise next time you visit. She will be waiting to greet you with a smile.

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